Quick and Easy Ways To Gain Sweet Dreams

Quick and Easy Ways To Gain Sweet Dreams

On occasion, most people experience sweet, beautiful dreams that make them feel great when they awaken. Much of the time, they are not aware of what caused them to create such wonderful night-time imaginings.

Indeed, people often think that they have no control over their dream world and put great dreams down to chance encounters. However, there are ways that you can influence your dreams so that you generate the type you want to experience.

1. Pictures

Quick and Easy Ways To Gain Sweet Dreams

Select a picture that reflects the kind of dream you want to create. For instance, you might choose a tranquil landscape, a magical scene, or a gentle animal that you would love to encounter while you are dreaming.

Gaze intently at the picture while in bed for ten minutes before you turn out the light. Look at the details, and imagine what it would feel like to be in the picture. Ask yourself what you would see, hear, touch, smell and taste. Additionally, become curious about what the experience of dreaming about the subject matter of your picture would be like.

When ten minutes has passed, switch off the light and keep the picture you have been examining in your mind’s eye as you drift off to sleep.

2. Plot

Quick and Easy Ways To Gain Sweet Dreams

Write a few concise lines about several factors that you would like to be present in your dream. For example, you might write, “I am dreaming about a beautiful little wooden boat on a calm, tranquil lake on a warm summer’s day.” Use plenty of positive words to evoke a sense of enjoyment. At the same time, draw a simple picture of the main subject, which would be a boat in the case above, and place yourself in the drawing.

When your writing and drawing is complete, go to sleep while imagining the picture that you drew and repeating the sentences you wrote in your mind. If you cannot remember the sentences, don’t worry. Simply use positive descriptive words that you want to feel while dreaming.

If you usually experience nightmares, be mindful about creating a plot that feels safe and secure. Furthermore, you can make your plot even more powerful by creating a vision board.

Place pictures, poetry, and anything else that springs to mind that helps to illustrate the type of dream you want to create. You can add to your vision board daily, and build upon it, making adjustments as you see fit.

Gaining sweet dreams can be quick and easy when you use these techniques. Moreover, taking control of the creation of your dream world can be empowering and fun.

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