Everything You Ever Need To Know About Gemini

Everything You Ever Need To Know About Gemini

Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, Paul McCartney, Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevara, Rick Riordan, Adriana Lima, Donald Trump, John F. Kennedy and Hugh Laurie (yes, the awesome Dr. House) all have one thing in common, well, aside from being successful in their respective fields, they are all Geminis!


If you’re a Gemini, you’re probably grinning right now because even though you might not be celebrity-like famous (yet), you belong in the league of talented and awesome people that are Geminis. And you know you’re famous in your own way! The names I mentioned above are just a small fraction of famous Geminis.

Ruled by Mercury, Geminis are famous for being great communicators. Articulate and blessed with the power of words, they make the best writers and speakers. They can also acquire new skills with no effort and usually have diverse hobbies, talents, and interests. They are charmers and social creatures which make them the life of any party and most likely the loudest ones there! Matters of the mind are their forte. That’s why they are considered as one of the smartest among the zodiac. Their minds constantly move… and so are their bodies. Yet surprisingly, Geminis look younger than their years. They love new experiences and always crave changes in their lives. Hence, they’re quite elusive individuals and pinning them down guarantees to be a big challenge.

Gemini is a sign of duality. Pretty much explains why the twins serve as its symbol. Geminis have dual or sometimes, multiple behaviors. Hence, they are capable of looking at a situation from different perspectives and react accordingly. However, this makes them often confused as they sometimes can’t distinguish one behavior from the other. It also makes them perceived as inconsistent and fickle-minded which can be a big problem by the people surrounding them. Most importantly, this trait is the one that makes them stand out because being with a Gemini is like experiencing the best of both worlds, highs and lows, opposite poles, and the yin and yang of everything. Their unpredictability is exciting and will always keep anyone challenged.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Preoccupied, distracted, yet lively and observant. The dual nature of Geminis make them one of the most enthralling people you’ll ever know; forever curious with a larger-than-life attitude. They’re simply unpredictable. No wonder they are the boldest, the most adventurous and always keep everyone curious about them. However, this trait can also backfire, especially if the Gemini is rubbed the wrong way. In a nutshell, Geminis can be anyone’s delight or horror depending on the way they’re being treated.

Below are Geminis notable strengths and weaknesses.



Very lively and enthusiastic. They make sure they enjoy what they do and it shows with they way their eyes spark and the smiles on their faces. Be prepared though because their energy is contagious!


Clever and sharp. They are interested in numerous and various subjects and never stops expanding them.

Witty and humorous

Famous for their witty remarks. They are never boring as they have the power to charm you for hours on end by their exceptional banter.


Their love for change and new experience makes them very flexible, versatile and adaptable individuals.


Endowed with brilliant communication skills. Even with limited information, they can sell anything to anyone with the help of their exceptional verbal skills.


Lack of direction

Constant change like easily switching to a different job or romantic partner once the current one isn’t exciting anymore often leads to issues financially and/or emotionally.


Geminis playfulness are often misinterpreted as deceit.


Always changing their minds and switching to newer things make it hard to know what they’re up to.


They always have two or multiple minds when it comes to decision-making which lead to losing opportunities due to being unable to decide.


Their constant need of independence, change, and exciting experience make them rebellious, easily hopping out from one place or situation to another, and disappear for a long time.

Career & Money

Geminis are the thinkers of the zodiac so it’s not a surprise finding lots of them in many organizations that deal with creating new ideas, communications, public relations, education, and other people-oriented programs. They shine doing jobs that involve communicating with people.

Though highly competitive individuals, Geminis aren’t born leaders and not comfortable giving orders or running an organization. They enjoy being part of a team, sharing experiences on an equal level. Geminis always add spice to any group because their wit, cleverness, and enthusiasm make them fun to work with. They love keeping themselves busy and are famous multitaskers — they specialize in simultaneously doing or thinking several things/projects all at once. I know it sounds crazy but they just do! Downside is, Geminis don’t like routinary work and they get bored easily… especially if they’re not getting the freedom they desire. They should always have mental stimulation or else, you’ll just find them hopping away and onto their next career adventure.

Geminis are not usually spendthrifts and can get quite stingy when it comes to money matters. They love sharing whatever they have and are good lending money to their friends or anyone they trust and will even give enough time to pay them back. However, making money isn’t usually their primary interest and they have to be careful because they tend to make unexpected purchases and spend their money on impulse.

Love & Relationship

Geminis are charming and charismatic individuals so it’s not a problem attracting the opposite sex… it’s actually more of keeping them at bay! Geminis gift of gab makes them really irresistible since they can keep anyone and everyone entertained for hours. They’re natural-born flirts which is why many people get romantically deceived, especially when they’re too carried away with the Geminis’ enjoyable conversation and funny verbal antics. Thankfully they’re mostly harmless and fun flirts.

Though really attractive, most Geminis find it hard to look for suitable partners who can give them the right mental stimulation and variety that they need. They’re really choosy. But once they find the perfect someone and get in a relationship, they can get really possesive. No worries there though, because they make great romantic partners. Excitement and fun are their fortes and they make sure they keep themselves and their partners happy and satisfied.

Relationship with a Gemini can be quite uncertain and dull at times due to the fact that they change moods easily and it’s quite impossible to predict their behavior. Beware starting an argument with a Gemini because they don’t back down which often lead to them being sarcastic and hostile. Their words can get really harsh it can pierce and hurt feelings badly. However, they are also the ones who reach out first once the tension dies out. Geminis’ natural need to flirt make them one of the most likely zodiac signs to stray, so it’s best that their partners allow them to indulge but at the same time, set boundaries to remind them that it’s only possible to go so far without incurring their partners’ resentment.

When it comes to sex, Geminis love variety. They like to experiment and show all kinds of interests. Quality is important so they want their partners to always do their best for them. They’re easily aroused and easily satisfied. They might feel detached emotionally when making love because they focus on mental stimulation which makes their emotional intelligence lower. One unusual trait they possess is that they have the tendency to talk before, after, and during sex. You have to put up with it if you’re with a Gemini.

Friends & Family

Geminis are one of the most playful signs in the zodiac, thus they are fun friends and family members. They’re loyal and very loving individuals who always put the word ‘fun’ in any activity.

Being naturally friendly, Geminis have diverse group of friends. Sociable and outgoing, they easily make friends with people from all walks of life. Not to mention their natural charm is enough to attract people to them. Though very friendly, it’s hard for them to get very close right away and only consider a handful as their close friends. Geminis love to be friends with people who have the same mental bandwidth, enthusiasm, and youth as them and tends to infect them with their hobbies and interests. Geminis are adored by their friends because they’re being entertained by their wit, chatter, and generally fun personality. Plus they’re loyal friends. You only can’t count on them if you need emotional support such as sympathy or empathy because these aren’t a Gemini’s strong traits. They prefer logical solutions to problems than lending emotional help.

Geminis, being childlike themselves, naturally like toddlers and children. Thus they are great and fun parents. They play with their kids and their kids consider them as one of their friends besides being their parents. Geminis provide a wide variety of interests and emotional palettes to their kids. But often their minds are preoccupied with other matters so their kids must be capable of looking after themselves or their partners should take care of them while the Gemini parents aren’t available.

Gemini children are energetic and curious children who require a wide variety of activities at a very young age or else, they’ll suffer. It’s best to introduce a Gemini child to foreign languages at a young age. Also, they are particularly skillful with their hands and fingers and can excel at a wide variety of instruments. Most of the time, a Gemini child’s primary hobby later becomes a career.


Each zodiac governs an external, internal and structural parts of the human anatomy. Externally, Gemini owns the shoulders and upper arms. Internally, the breath, nerves, thymus gland, lungs, trachea and bronchi. While clavicle, scapula and humerus for the structural aspect.

Because of these, they need extra caution against injuries and disorders concerning the upper body, especially those affecting the nervous and pulmonary systems. They are prone to catch colds than any of the other signs. They need to have a good diet to strengthen their lungs.

Gemini is the sign for hands and fingers; that’s why most Geminis love using them when they work and you’ll even notice the way they make hand gestures when they talk. They’re also quite famous for having really expressive eyes. If you try looking at famous Geminis or Geminis you may know, you’ll notice how their eyes darts here and there and never rest at a certain point for a long time. Being observant, their eyes are information thieves which always moves around and sparkle so extra eyecare is a must.

Though renowned for looking younger than their actual age and almost limitless vigor, their erraticness tends to deteriorate their health due to stress. The presence of Mercury makes them anxious and restless which can lead to them suffering from nervous disorders and experiencing being on-edge. Geminis are prone to getting sick when they are stressed out. So it’s really important for them to rest their always moving mind and body. They also need to control their anxiety as it can negatively impact their health.

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