18 Secrets That Reveal The Amazing Hidden Magic of The Universe

The Universe is an amazing, magical place that is always cooperating to bring us that which we desire. Every day the world is filled with signs that point us in the direction of greater happiness and a better life. As we learn to read the signs, the once hidden secrets of the universe open, revealing wisdom beyond human knowledge.


Once we are aware of the signs and their meaning, we are able to use them to guide our lives and to manifest that which we want. Using the signs expands our consciousness and turns life into a magical adventure.

Anyone can engage and use these secrets of the universe. You can use them to make life better for yourself, your family and your community–for everyone. In fact, the more people who use these secrets, the less hidden they become, making them more accessible.

Ancient cultures kept the secrets hidden, passing them along to selected initiates. It was believed the secrets were so powerful that if they got into the wrong hands or handled improperly, they could be used for evil and the world could be destroyed. Fortunately, modern-day humans have grown to where the secrets of the universe can be revealed, should be revealed, so everyone can partake of this magic and together create a better world.

Here are 18 ways to help you recognize and find the clues to unravel the mysteries of the Universe and start using the magic today.

Secret 1: Tap into the space on the other side of reality

In the space beneath our day-to-day awareness is a field of consciousness, a unity of energies where the mystery is held. The mystics and poets tap into this deeper consciousness in their creative process, and they have taught us the ways to access this other reality.

It is in the tapping into our spiritual self that we are able to reach this other plane of existence and enter into the matrix of the Universe where that which is beyond all knowledge and all though exist. To tap into the spiritual self requires getting past the human thoughts that run rampant within our minds.

Sit quietly in front of a candle. While staring at the flame, pay attention to each thought that appears. Imagine the thought as being part of the flame and watch it burn, the smoke rising and disappearing. This will take several minutes. There is no rush. Do not judge any thought nor force any thought away. Just let the thought rise in your mind, and then disappear into the flame. Soon, fewer thoughts will enter, and then instead of thought there will be a sense of nothing and everything, the space on the other side.

Secret 2: Practice awareness

An awareness of the world around us must be developed so that we are alert to the signs the Universe is sending us. Too often we go through life unaware of our surroundings. We drive for miles when all of a sudden we look around and wonder how we got here. Awareness is not something to be developed one day and forgotten the next. It is an ongoing way of life that allows us to be aware of the synchronicities and signs the Universe is sending us.

To practice awareness, either alone or with a friend, go to a coffee house. Take 10 minutes to mentally record your surroundings including the people and what they look like, the aromas, the colors of the walls, the products, etc.

If you are with a friend, close your eyes and describe the coffee house to the other person. The listener should take notes of what you have right and what you’ve missed.

If you are alone, write down your observations, keeping your eyes on the paper, not on the surroundings.

Continue to practice awareness in your everyday activities by consciously bringing your attention to the surroundings.

Secret 3: Recognize synchronicity

Synchronicity–two or more meaningful coincidences that seem to be relate–is a sign from the Universe. Pay attention.

Synchronicity opens up new avenues and provides answers to situations we are wrestling with. For example, suppose you are thinking of quitting a current job and opening a new bike shop. There are lots of questions, including whether a bike shop can make enough money to support a family. On a plane while on a business trip, the passenger in the next seat is reading a magazine about bicycles. A conversation ensues, allowing you to ask questions about being successful in that business. That’s synchronicity!

Too often synchronicity is dismissed, the connection between coincidences missed, when all that is required of us is to be open to it. The magic of synchronicity is always at work, playing through our lives daily. As we pay attention to the ways synchronicity unfolds in our lives, we are able to cut to the chase and find the answers we seek easily and almost effortlessly.

The more we become aware of synchronicities, the more they increase, helping us unlock and understand more of life’s mysteries.

Secret 4: Watch the numbers

Numbers have long played a role in mysticism, unlocking the secrets of the Universe. Certainly numerologists can unravel the secrets to our souls with their study and interpretation of numbers, but even without knowledge of numerology everyone can benefit from being aware of number patterns. Today, the energy in the Universe is so enriched that numbers can be seen and their meaning understood by all who pay attention.

Constantly seeing the same sequence of numbers means we are being given a message. For example, let’s say you have an interest in Native America art and want to plan a trip to a place where you can learn more. The number 505 keeps showing up. The clock says 5:05; the license plate on the car in front of you has 505 in it; the cashier gave you $5.05 in change. This number pattern has your attention, especially when you learn it’s the area code for Santa Fe and several Indian Pueblos and reservations, a treasure chest of Southwestern art.

A more esoteric meaning comes from Doreen Virture’s Angel Numbers. This number pattern signifies that life changes are taking place that are in divine and perfect order.

Secret 5: Listen to the world around you

Secrets are being revealed all the time in the world right at our fingertips. Often the message we are meant to receive comes through words that may seem like background noise, that is until a few words feel separate, perhaps heard just a tad louder or at a different pitch.

Listen to the conversations of others in the near vicinity. When I was a young writer, struggling between making a living and following my dream, I was talking to a friend about the author J.R.R. Tolkien, who has passed away recently. We were dining in a restaurant in San Francisco. The tables were close together, so we spoke quietly. Still, the man next to us overheard part of our conversation. In a very British accent, he said he was in from London on behalf of the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien and his dinner partner was a representative of the American publisher.

Needless to say it was one of the most memorable dinners that I’ve had. It taught me to listen to conversations taking place around me and to even listen to the words of the song that’s playing when turning on the radio.

Listening to the world around us helps unlock the mysteries of our own lives and the universal mysteries.

Secret 6: Pay attention to the birds and butterflies

There’s a reason stork has long been associated with carrying the newborn child. In ancient Rome, the stork was associated with Juno, goddess of home and children. In Celtic and Native American lore, the great winged ones were messengers of the divine. They were the visible signs of the unseen worlds. Eagles, hawks and turkey vultures bring with them vision of the future and answers to a prayer. Robins herald the coming of spring. Swans awaken us to our inner beauty, owls teach us of higher wisdoms, heron reminds us to be self-reliant.

Butterflies speak of transformation, from the life known to a new life as yet unknown, or they may confirm we have made a successful transition into a new level, leaving behind an old pattern. Butterflies are also a message from a loved one who has passed into spirit world to show a successful transition was made.

To understand the language of winged ones, it’s helpful to have a book that translates the meaning of each species. Ted Andrew’s Animal-Speak is a good starting place. It’s also necessary to come to know the birds and butterflies by observing them and their habits, as well as their mystical meaning.

Secret 7: All animals carry messages

Every animal carries a secret message that signifies the hidden magic in the world behind our world. Whether we see the animal in the flesh or are drawn to a photo or story about the animal, there is a message that we need to heed.

In the Native American medicine wheel, bear lives in the direction of the west, the place of deep winter. Bear represents introspection, a looking within to find the true sweetness of life. Coyote is the trickster who reminds us to laugh at ourselves, horse portends travel and freedom, deer gently lures us to new adventures, whereas dogs teach us about boundaries.

To unlock the secrets of animals, a study of animal totems is helpful. Ted Andrew’s Animal- Speak is a good place to start. Keep a notebook of the animals that enter your life. Have one page or more for each animal. Write down what you notice about the animal. What thoughts come to mind while observing it? What emotions are evoked? What is going on in your life?

Patterns emerge from the study animals that help us see the patterns in our lives that may need to be changed or strengthen.

Secret 8: Nature is full of secret messages

One day while walking down my country lane, I found a stone shaped like a heart. I picked it up and held it. I felt the sun’s warmth in the stone, but there was something else as well. The stone seemed to vibrate, tingling against my palm. That heart shaped stone reminded me to keep my heart open and to keep a warm smile on my face. I’m glad I did, because within a few weeks after finding that stone I met a special man who held my heart for some time.

There is constant interaction between nature and us. By learning to read the gifts nature gives to us, we can use the knowledge to our benefit. To begin, it’s necessary to spend time in nature. Take walks in the woods or parks. What types of trees are indigenous to your area? Spend time at the beach and get to know the ocean. Listen to the waves until you hear their music.

Ask nature for a sign, and then keep your eyes and ears at the ready. Nature always answers if we are willing to hear.

Secret 9: Let go with laughter

It is not possible to hear the divine force when we are caught up in stress, anger or any other negative emotion. We miss all the signals the Universe is sending us. We even forget to look for signs. Whatever the negative emotion we are caught in, laughter is one of the easiest ways to change the energy, which changes the mood.

Laughter is the most natural thing in the world, and yet it is not always easy to find. To get laughing, simply start. Once started, keep going. Before long, you’ll be laughing at your laughter. Funny movies and television sitcoms are helpful laugh starters as well.

Once laughter has reduced the negative emotion, we are in a more positive place to open to receiving and reading the secrets the Universe is revealing in so many different ways. After a good laugh, take a deep breath, look around, listen, pay attention. The signs are there. What are they?

Make a note of the sign, and then ask the sign what it is here to tell you. Always thank the sign for appearing to you.

Secret 10: Use intuition, that gut feeling

Intuition is innate within everyone. Call it that gut feeling, following a hunch, or psychic ability, intuition is one of the best ways to unlock the secrets of the Universe and of our own deeper selves.

Have you ever started out for home, but on a whim went a different way than you usually do only to later learn there was a major accident along your normal route? Or, do you know of someone who did not get on that plane that crashed? That’s intuition at work, keeping the listener safe.

Open your intuition by sitting quietly in a peaceful place where you will not be interrupted for about 5 minutes. Have a question in mind. Imagine a golden white light moving into the top of your head and filling your entire body. Concentrate the light in the center of the space between your brows, the third eye. When you mind wanders, bring it back to this light glowing in the third eye. After about five minutes, ask for the answer, and then listen for that still small inner voice for your answer.

Practicing tuning into intuition helps us learn to trust it.

Secret 11: Follow the fallen book

Books are great sign givers. Ask for a message the next time you’re in a bookstore, and then slowly walk through the aisles. Allow your eyes to move across the titles, without paying specific attention to any book until one book seems to stand out. What is the title? Chances are it’s a message for you.

There are times I’ve had books jump off the bookshelf–really. When that happens you just know this is a book you must read. Other times a book may just protrude an inch, sticking out from the other books around it.

Another way to use books is to hold a book in your hand and ask a question. Open to any page and read what is written on that page. That’s something I’ve done most of my life. It even led me to write one of my books, A Master’s Book of Answers, an oracle book, with messages on each page from Phillip, my spirit guide.

While reading a book, do some of the letters take on a glow as if lit from behind, or seem to be in a different typeface or in larger type? If so, pay attention. This is a message.

Secret 12: Move into the right brain

To live a balanced life between our human nature and our spiritual self, we need equilibrium between the left and right brain. The left brain tends toward the logical. This side is more engaged when preparing taxes, for example. The right brain is the more creative side, engaged when writing a poem, for example.

Most of us tend to be a bit lopsided, favoring one side or the other. We think of engineers and mathematicians as being left-brain dominate and artists and musicians as being right-brain dominate. There may be some truth to this, but in fact the activity we are engaged in determines which side of our brain is lit at that moment.

To grasp the magic of the Universe, the brain’s right side must be activated. There’s a crossover, so the right side of the brain governs the left side of the body. To stimulate the brain’s right side, use the left side of the body. When using any of the practices described in this article, stand only on the left leg. This heightens our senses, helping us to tune into the deeper reality of the Universe.

Secret 13: Practice silence

Our world is busy and noisy. Our lives demand time and attention, filled with full days of work, phone calls and text messages, families and friends, and the constant white noise of electronics and traffic. How can the Universe get messages through to us when our minds are constantly chattering?

A practice of silence is required. Our day flows like magic once we begin to practice silence. Experienced meditators say life is better, sweeter because of meditation, but not everyone is patient with meditation. Still, sitting quietly for 10 minutes at the beginning and the end of the day brings us into alignment with our own inner self, that self that connects us to the Universe so we will be aware of signs.

To reach silence, sit quietly and let thoughts gently slip away until they are gone and only the contentment of the stillness is left. Visit nature and let your own voice and mind be stilled and listen to the wren’s song or the doves’ coo. Even in the busiest of places, allow the din to become soft, quieter and withdraw into a private silence where the only the sound of your own breath is heard.

Secret 14: Pick up the penny

During a time of financial struggle when I wondered how the bills were going to get paid, I was out on a walk when I found a penny. As I leaned over to pick it up, I felt a shift in the atmosphere, like an invisible angel wing had encouraged the air to a warm breath. Within a few days I received an unexpected assignment that would cover the bills for the next year.

That penny was a sign from the Universe that money was coming and all was okay. Had I not been open to receiving a sign and actively aware of my surroundings, I might have missed this manna from heaven and spent the next few days worried over money.

We might feel foolish picking up a penny off the sidewalk, but if we’ve been thinking about money, chances are that penny is a sign from the Universe that money is coming. The Universe requires our participation. How do we know a penny on the sidewalk is a sign? There’s only one way to find out. Pick up the penny and watch for money to come.

Secret 15: Journal

Wisdom is our birthright, but we need to know how to tap into our own wisdom before we can make use of it in our lives. One of the easiest ways of accessing our inner world is through journaling.

Journaling is easy for writers, a little more challenging for non-writers, but everyone can–and should–journal. To remove any intimidation about journaling, give yourself permission to not be concerned about spelling, grammar or sentence structure. It’s perfectly acceptable to cross out words. This is your private journal. No one is judging you, so stop judging yourself.

You can journal anywhere, but to get to the deeper wisdom, it’s best to journal when you are alone and in a quiet place. Begin by just writing about your day or thoughts that are moving through your mind. Write until you feel in a calm space, and then tell yourself that you are opening to your deeper self. Next, write a question, and without thinking about it, write the answer. Continue in this vein until you have finished with your questions and answers, and then go back and read what you have written. You’ll surprise yourself with your wisdom.

Secret 16: Dreams connect us with the mystery

Dreams reveal secrets we’ve kept hidden from ourselves. That which we are unable to see in our daily lives often come to us in sleep. Learning the private signs and symbols of our dreams gives us a treasure chest of information about the inner workings of our lives and enlightening us on the secrets of the Universe.

Learning to remember dreams and interrupt them takes practice. First, it’s important to start remembering dreams. Have a notebook beside your bed, and right before drifting off to sleep give yourself the suggestion that you will remember an important dream that has information for you, and that you will wake when the dream ends. As you awaken from the dream, and before you are fully aroused, write it down, and then go back to sleep.

The next day, read what you wrote. Do your best to interrupt the dream. Circle or highlight any specific signs or symbols. Start your own dream dictionary, using these signs and symbols. This may take some practice before understanding the signs and symbols of your dreams. Be patient. Before long you’ll be amazed at what you have learned about your life from your dreams.

Secret 17: We’re all connected

In Synchronicity, Science, and Soul-Making, author and physicist Victor Mansfield wrote that we live in “a radically interconnected and interdependent world, one so essentially connected at a deep level that the interconnections are more fundamental, more real than the independent existence of the parts.”

This interconnectedness provides a gateway to information that may often be surprisingly accurate and just what we needed to hear in that moment. It may be what someone says to us while we’re standing in line at the grocery store, or even what we overhear that person say to someone else. It may be an unexpected phone call or text message from someone we’ve been thinking about, or a surprise meeting in an unfamiliar city. The words seem to be said a little louder, and if we are living in awareness, we hear the message knowing it is to help us in our lives.

However the message comes, the wise person pays heed to it. As we become more aware of the messages and recognize them as meaningful, they happen more frequently and our lives become an exciting adventure rather than a day-to-day existence.

Secret 18: Messages from the beyond the grave

Death separates us from our loved ones, but we can still communicate. We just need to learn the signs. Loved one’s signs are as individual as they are; however, there are universal signs common in most communication that comes from beyond the grave.

Birds, especially cardinals, are often a sign from a loved one in spirit world. Look for a bird that pecks at a window, swoops near you, or does its best to get your attention. Butterflies also are often a sign a loved one is near. If a butterfly lands on your shoulder while you are visiting a grave site, say hello to your loved one.

Electronics and electricity are frequently used by those in spirit world to get the attention of someone in this plane. A blinking light, a text message, a song on the radio, are all signs to pay attention to.

Photographs knocked over or set sideways and keys or jewelry hidden only to be found again are ways loved ones try to reach us on this side of the veil. Pay attention to dreams as well. Often we are visited in the dreamtime by a loved one.


The Universe wants to unveil its magic to us, want us to unravel the secrets, but those secrets can only be revealed as we open ourselves to the mystery and allow miracles to enter. The more we become aware of the signs from the Universe, and work with them, the more signs we receive.

Once we begin to live in the mindfulness of our lives and the magic of the Universe, our lives shift into a richer realm where everything seems to come together magically. We live in the flow, attracting the people and opportunities that help us grow and are for our best interests. We are able to manifest that which we desire and live a greater life than we imagined.

We live with excitement for life when the secrets of the hidden magic of the Universe open to us.

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