Astrology is one of the few fields of study properly treated as science, philosophy, and art. It is science because the movement of the heavens and its effects are observable. However, interpretation of those effects is an art.


Before the aggregate knowledge of humankind became specialized and detached from its connection to the whole of human existence, there were village elders, wise men and women that had the vision to connect the celestial movement of the stars and planets to definite dispositions, inclinations and affairs here on earth. These ancient shamans, mystics and star watchers accumulated generations of accrued knowledge from simple nightly observation over generations.

Astrology as understood by the masses today is shallow and divorced from the wisdom of the ancients. Ancient astrologers did not use the wisdom of this science/art as a divination tool for the fortunes of individuals. Ones birthday and sign were meaningless. The ancients used astrology for the wholeness of humanity. It foretold of new mass energy openings and closings to the benefit of the whole.


If one recalls the huge conversation over the last five years or so about 2012 and the Mayan calendar concerning the ‘end of time’. This was directly attributable to the precession of the equinoxes. A scientific astronomical fact the Egyptians knew 3000 years ago and the Mayans were aware of over 1500 years ago. The earth does not spin cleanly on its axis. There is a gyroscopic wobble of approximately 23.5 degrees. This wobble causes the stellar backdrop of the sun to change constellations every 2150 years. The movement is backwards through the horoscope. We are presently leaving the Piscean age and entering the cusp of the age Aquarius.

The Piscean age is significant of religion. Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam came to prominence in the age of Pisces. Judaism actually has its roots in the previous Arian age and its major figure Moses. However, it still figured prominently into the age of Pisces.


Being on the cusp of the end of the Piscean age and moving into the Age of Aquarius portends familial goodwill regardless of blood ties, major technological leaps, Utopian vision, and major leaps in genius due to freeing of the constrictions on thought and imagination. There are cycles with in the astrological cycles. For instance, the Piscean age is divided into 180-year mini periods, or eras. Each constellation is active in conjunction with the major influences of the Piscean age.

Looking at the 180-year Aquarian era of the Piscean age gives us a glimpse of what an Aquarian age would look and feel like. The Aquarian era of the present age lasted approximately from 1800AD to 1980AD. The industrial revolution and major technological leaps for humankind were accomplished during that period. However, the major influence was still Pisces and the fruits of those industrial and technological advances benefited the war making capacity of humankind, which is a major component of Piscean energy. The war making was a carry over from the Arian age that preceded Pisces. Whereas the Arian ages wars were for territory and resources, the wars of the Piscean era were based more on fear, fear of the other, fear of other beliefs and cultural dominance. The dawning of the Aquarian age will see war making diminish and eventually end.


The astrological art of the ancients was not a horoscope reading, seeking insight for riches and love vocation. Yes, their year was too divided in to the twelve signs, planets and constellations ruled those signs just as today. However, the astrological signs gave the community a focus for their intentions. They applied to everyone. For instance, the summer solstice ushered in the sign of cancer and with that turn, the community focused on the Cancerian attributes of home, hearth, and motherhood.

This was an application to the whole, not a singling out for those born during the 28 or so days after the summer solstice. This holistic approach engendered an integrative, spiritually based commonality and connected people to the seasons, heavens and others. Most likely people had an idea of where the sun was on the day of their birth and what season it was, but many had no definite date to point for their birth.

The sun cycling about the constellations through the year allowed the people under the guidance of their village elders to hone their personal attributes to the dominating aspect of the current sun sign. Most likely, their new year began at the vernal equinox, which reset their intentions to navigate the new annual cycle holistically by remembering and practicing the discipline of each sign as it occurred. Without reliance of calendars as such, counting days and the passage of moon phases determined the turn of the celestial seasons as much as the sun. Such as…



represents the aggressive energy of new beginnings. The vernal equinox heralds the sun overtaking the darkness and the community begins preparation for planting crops.

Just as we experience the month of May as peaceful and easy. So is the second zodiac sign of Taurus. There is the heavy work cultivating and planting. However, the time that Taurus rules is known too for tempestuous storms with unfortunate damage if the winds are disagreeable. The bull in the pasture is contented and pacified, but if the bull gets into the house, there will be major calamity.


energy is social. The major work of cultivating the fields and planting is finishing. The mood takes on more of the lighthearted socializing of an easy early summer. The custom of June weddings and rites of passage celebrations is rooted in the energy of Gemini.


is strong home making energy. That is a direct progression from the matrimonial energy of Gemini. Newly wed couples envision and plan starting their families. Cancer is a highly protective and caring energy.


is prideful energy that is jovial and accommodating. However, Leo loves appreciation; it is the celestial sign of sun worship. The sun is high and comforting; it is bathing crops in nutritious rays that will feed the community for months.


more than anything is the season of service. People are beginning to harvest the early crops and preparing for storing the later crops to be harvested. Virgo energy is about learning and service. A community that is integrating the energy of Virgo remains strong.

The first mirrored celestial event of the year. Libra mirrors Aries. The autumnal equinox ushers in Libra energy. Whereas Aries is aggressive new beginnings energy, Libra energy begins thoughts of harvest and storage for the changing weather. Libra energy is reflective.


is the first celestial symbol post harvest. It is also highly symbolic of the sub-conscious. Our deepest yearnings and fears are most often sub-consciously rooted. Scorpio energy invites us to be still, quiet, and explore what is just under the surface of things. It also is the time when planning is done for the next growing season.


is the energy of the dreamer. This time is when the coming winter solstice festivities are being planned. Although winter has not fully set in, the sun is low in the sky and the days are short. Sagittarius is free spirit energy; this is a time when unconventional ideas are mulled in the mind and tested for viability.

The winter solstice brings the energy of Capricorn. This celestial phase highlights perseverance. Winter has begun, daylight is short and many times the weather is cold, uninviting. Winter is braved day by day, step by step. Solstice festivals and Christmas help brighten this time.


is friendly energy much like Gemini or Leo. This is the energy of tinkering and innovation. Long winter days often inspire imaginative new developments. Things conceived during Aquarius often pay huge dividends throughout the year.

The energy of imagination is continued with Pisces. However, this energy turns to dreams of the coming vernal equinox and end of winter. Pisces energy is mysterious yet idealistic. Wonder goes to what the New Year will bring with the coming vernal equinox. Dreams abound in Pisces.

The ancient’s holistic approach to astrology can teach us today. As we revel in our personal Leo-ness or Aries-ness while not inhabiting the attributes the other signs, we are neglecting those aspects of our beings.

As the year progresses seek out the aspect of the sign for that time of year, ponder it. Where does it fit into your life? Avoid thinking that because you were not born under a certain sign then it does not apply to you. It should and it does. Every sign applies to every body. The whole of the heavens applies to the whole of the earth and humanity. The sun position at the time of your birth is simply a keyhole snapshot of you. Open the door to the heavens and behold the whole you.

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