Houseplants that are Safe for Furry Friends

Caring for a pet is a lovely experience. Much like caring for plants, it’s easy to see how love and affection can change a plant’s or pet’s personality. Giving both plants and pets an adequate amount of care results in fast friends and memories that last a lifetime. However, just because you love your plants and your pets doesn’t mean that they have to love each other. Pets can be curious about a plant and explore it to the point that they dig it out or damage the leaves. Similarly, some harmless-looking plants can prove to be deadly to pets, and frequent brushing results in a trip to the vet. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some houseplants that can bring life into your home without bothering your furry cat and dog friends.

Spider Plant

The long and thin leaves of a spider plant look cool to you, and they won’t bother your cat or dog if they come into contact with them. These plants are great to keep indoors because they require minimum care. The spider plant is not very picky in terms of how much sunlight, water, or even soil health it has. This makes it an excellent candidate for homes around the world with varying conditions. You can enjoy your spider plant, and a curious pet can take a nibble here and there without any harm.


If you want a plant that’s truly beautiful, consider getting a gloxinia. Gloxinias are often given as gifts because of their vibrant red and pinkish hues. They’re perfect for brightening up any room and adding a pop of color. You don’t need to worry about your beloved fur babies getting sick because of them either. In order to help your gloxinia thrive, give it direct sunlight and constant moisture.

Royal Velvet

If you want a plant that’s both beautiful and tame-looking, a royal velvet is perfect for you. This plant has dark green leaves that would look completely ordinary if it weren’t for the small hairs on them. These tiny hairs are so brightly purple that they almost look iridescent. The dazzling leaf ends contrast against the rest of the leaves and makes for a shimmery effect. This kind of plant is exactly what would attract your cat or dog, but it’s also perfectly safe for them to search. When caring for a royal velvet plant, make sure to only water the base when it’s dry to prevent root rot.

Venus Fly Trap

If you want a houseplant that’s out of the ordinary, look no further than a Venus flytrap. This carnivorous plant may love to chow down on some flies or insects, but your pets are safe from harm with it around. Even if your pet digested a small amount of the plant, things would turn out okay for them. To keep your Venus flytrap in action, irrigate it with distilled water and keep it in a brightly lit place.


Lastly, you can always go the sophisticated and minimalist route with a succulent. Fake succulent plants are expensive to buy, so why not splurge on the real deal? Haworthia plants look very unique with a dark green background and white stripes across the leaves. Caring for them is easy; they only require a weekly watering session and access to bright light. If any curious pets come in its direction, the haworthia manages to be stunning and safe for them to be around. With such a wide range of pet-friendly houseplants, you’re bound to find one that suits your tastes and keeps your pets safely entertained, as well.

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