How to Get an Outdoor ‘Zen’ Vibe by Adding Water

How to Get an Outdoor ‘Zen’ Vibe by Adding Water

There are many different ways to achieve a natural and soothing element to your garden. Having healthy and lush plants is the most obvious way to make a gorgeous garden vibe, but if you add water elements, you can take your outdoor space a step further.

Adding water sources to your garden doesn’t have to be a hard task. There are various ways you can add the soothing noises of trickling water into your yard without having to invest in a high budget water system. Adding water sources into the layout of your garden can also add personality and flair to a common social space. Here are some ways you can add water-based elements into your garden so that you can achieve a ‘Zen’ vibe.

Try Unique Garden Fountain Designs

Unusually designed fountains can be integrated beautifully into a conventional landscape. If you try and use your creative juices, you can think up of unique shapes, textures, and styles to fit into your garden. Try adding a fountain that has a spout, or a water wheel. There are so many different ways to add water fountains into your garden, all you need to do is think outside of the box, and you can come across amazing designs that can completely alter your garden aesthetic.

You can also use old items that used to be in your house to create a modern aesthetic in your garden. Try repurposing an old vase, pot, or bathtub into a beautiful functioning water fountain. If this project sounds like a complicated procedure for you, try looking online to see how other garden designers have approached creating makeshift water fountains.

Incorporate a Bird Bath

If you add a birdbath into your garden, you are going to introduce an entirely new ecosystem of natural sounds, organisms, and visuals into your life. Not only does a birdbath act as a focal point to your garden, but it can also add a whimsical element to even the most modern of houses. Make sure you are methodically cleaning the bath from time to time, as a dirty water source can introduce unpleasant sights and smells. Remember, there are few things more pleasant than waking up to the sounds of birds chirping in your backyard.

Introduce a Single Stationary Pond

Nothing adds more of a Zen vibe to a garden than a koi-fish pond. Building a single pond in your backyard can introduce a peaceful architectural element that is going to tie your outdoor space together through its diverse ecosystem. If you are more interested in adding water elements that require garden maintenance, then the stand-alone pond is perfect for you. The small pond is going to give you many opportunities to grow different water plants, along with various types of fish. It is important to remember this since ponds can overgrow quite easily. If you aren’t the type of person to tend to nature frequently, you may need to look elsewhere.

Have Pathways Interact with Water Sources

One of the most creative ways to create a zen-like vibe in your backyard is to develop ways of interacting with water sources through human movement. A simple pathway through a pond or a stepping stone walkway across a stream can allow garden dwellers to move through the water like it is a sold terrain. If you have a larger backyard, you could always build a bridge over a water source, or place rectangular concrete slats into a significant body of water. These slats can enable a patio-like water quality to any water source and can allow you to become one with the water.

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