Divination Methods Used By Fortune-Tellers

Divination Methods Used By Fortune-Tellers

Divination is the practice of telling the future, and people from around the world use divination to see what tomorrow holds. This ancient art is extremely popular with Wiccans and Witches, but priests, shamans, astrologers, medicine men, and Gypsies are known to be practitioners of divination too.

Knowledge about the future can be obtained a number of ways. Listed below are methods fortune-tellers use to predict what is to come.

Astral Projection

When astral projection is used, a person is able to travel to the future or the past. Their physical body remains in the present world while their astral body, which looks like a transparent replica of their physical body, goes on a journey in an attempt to see what is to come.

Though it is said there’s a silver cord connected to the two bodies that ensures the return of the astral body to the physical body, astral projection can lead to danger because the spirit-like body goes to a place where dead souls dwell. This place is called the astral plane, and whenever it is visited there’s a chance the astral body will be taken over by demons.

When things go wrong, astral projection can be a terrifying experience. The astral body can leave the physical body when a person is asleep or in a trance, or when death occurs.


This is a form of divination that predicts the future by noting the position of the planets. Predictions derived from the use of astrology are called horoscopes, and because divination through astrology has become so popular, these days you can easily find your horoscope in newspapers, magazines, books, and community publications that are delivered to homes.

It is said that the Babylonians and the Egyptians discovered astrology, but they did not make this discovery together.

Palm Reading

Palm reading involves examining lines in the hands and other characteristics of this part of the body to determine the future. Additional names for palm reading are palmistry and chiromancy.

The fingers are associated with different planets, and each planet is believed to govern areas of life such as wealth and career development. The shape and size of each finger also aids the palm reader in forecasting the future.


Scrying is the process of divining by looking into a crystal ball, mirror, or body of water. What is commonly seen when gazing into one of these divination tools is an action scene or one that is not in motion.

A clairvoyant, which is what a person who engages in scrying is called, determines what the vision they saw means. Being able to correctly forecast the future through scrying strongly depends on the amount of practice the clairvoyant has had and their aptitude.


Runes are ancient symbols that are either carved, written, or painted onto pieces of wood or clay. They are also placed on stones. Each symbol covers something that relates to life, and a reading is dependent on how the runes fall.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a deck of seventy-two cards with images. Many of the decks available for purchase are beautifully designed and look like works of art. There are four suites in a deck of tarot cards, and they include cups, coins, wands, and swords.

Cups interpret the area of life concerning matters of the heart while coins deal with fate and public eminence. Transformation and communication is covered by the wand cards, and the swords mean resistance and struggles.

Both the person receiving the reading and the person reading the cards takes part in the divination since the former party shuffles the deck and the latter one lays the cards out and interprets their meaning. Tarot cards became a fortune-telling favorite in the 1800s.


All of the above named methods of divination have shown success in foretelling the future. Other ways in which the future has been forecasted include interpreting signals from birds and thunder and coin tossing, which is known as I-Ching.

There’s also dream interpretation, numerology, fire gazing, and pouring oil into a bowl of water to interpret what is seen. One other form of divination is reading the pattern tea leaves form inside a tea cup.

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