Top Five Beaches to Visit in the U. S.

Top Five Beaches to Visit in the Usa

If you’re like most of the people we know, then you are working harder than ever to get yourself beach body ready before summer. The beach has become a significant landmark when it comes to summer activities. From laying out in the sand in order to get the perfect tan to swimming in the surf, summer is the perfect time for such adventures. And thankfully, living in the United States you don’t have to travel far to enjoy one of our many beaches. If you’re up for some traveling this summer, we’ve put together a list of the top five beaches you have to visit in the United States.

Siesta Key

When it comes to some of the best beaches, Florida is where it’s at. Siesta Key continues to top the list when it comes to great beaches and it’s well-deserved. From the gorgeous powdery white sand to crystal blue waters, Siesta offers everything you need for a perfect tan and fun day out. And after you’ve spent the day enjoying fun in the sun, we recommend checking out the Siesta Key strip for fun night life and delicious restaurants.


We’re sure Hawaii seems like a no-brainer and it’s true because the island of Maui offers some of the most stunning vistas when it comes to spending the day in the sand. From the gorgeous burgundy-colored sand to spending a day surfing the waves, there are plenty of activities to fill up your day.

U.S. Virgin Islands

The Caribbean has everything you could expect when it comes to an American beach destination. From water sports on the Island of St. Thomas to surfing at St. John’s beach, you will find it hard to find other beaches that compare. And with a variety of resorts to choose from that are right on the water, you will have plenty to do when on vacation.


One unique aspect of Destin beaches is the sand is made up of 100% pure Appalachian quartz which gives it a glittery white glow in the sun. And with several state parks easily accessible, you can spend a day in the water and then go for a hike among the mangroves. It’s the perfect way to spend a day.

Hilton Head

The pristine beaches of South Carolina are perfect for this looking for a sunny getaway with a hint of luxury. Coligny Beach offers plenty of shopping and dining, and you will find the beaches less crowded due to their private nature. You will also find gorgeous hiking trails and swimming holes off the beaten path.

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