6 Trends To Look Like A Bombshell And 6 To Forget About

6 Trends To Look Like A Bombshell And 6 To Forget About

Women’s fashion is as old as the world itself and has gone through numerous changes over the years. Naturally, some trends that were considered amazing back in the day are now heavily frowned upon. While others are still considered gorgeous and women still enjoy experimenting with them, giving new life to old trends. Corsets, mini-skirts, frills, leggings, and cage crinolines – we’ve suffered a lot of hideous looks and enjoyed just as gorgeous ones! Here we’ve gathered some of the best and worst fashion trends ever created.

Best: Miniskirts

We should all thank Mary Quant, a London-based designer, who made a small, but very important style revolution in the midst of 60s. Where would we be without the gorgeous, revealing, and utterly empowering miniskirts? They look gorgeous, feel gorgeous, and are adored by men and women alike.

Worst: Cage crinolines

Modern fashion might be making cage crinolines look quite impressive, but back in the day? Oh no, ladies, it’s the worst style ever. Not only can’t you move properly, you also become a walking and talking disaster that can’t even sit normally or get close to other people.

Best: The little black dress

Nothing can really beat this little stylish garment – not now, not ever. Whether you want to get in touch with your inner Audrey Hepburn or simply look your best in a matter of seconds, little black dress is a real life saver for all women out there.

Worst: Bare midriffs

Just because you have great abs doesn’t mean you have to show them. And some people might actually think they can flaunt their midriffs even without flat bellies! We believe it’s a big no-no. You might pull it off on stage if you are Madonna or Miley Cyrus, but in real life? Nope, not possible.

Best: Leggings

Leggings are amazing for so many reasons. You can cover your unshaved legs, wear a super mini-skirt without looking cheap, do workout in them, and simply mix them with any outfit you think needs a little bit extra. Leggings are also great when the summer’s getting cold, but you want to avoid wearing jeans. Best thing ever!

Worst: Sci-fi dresses

Don’t get us wrong, we love a good Fifth Element or Star Wars reference, but not when it comes to everyday clothes. Too much metal is not good for your skin!

Best: Little leather jacket

Admit it, little leather jackets are some of the most cherished and versatile items in your closet. You can wear them with dresses, jeans, leggings, heels – literally with everything! They can pull together your last-minute look and actually keep you warm when it’s chilly outside.

Worst: Platform sneakers

Platform sneakers should remain where they came from – in the 90s. All kinds of crazy things were born back then, but it doesn’t mean we should tolerate them now!

Best: Grecian draping

Nothing can go wrong if you choose to wear the classy dress that came to us from Ancient Greece. Grecian draping makes you look elegant, effortless, and truly stunning. Maybe that’s why celebs love this style so much!

Worst: Corsets

No matter how good they may look (that artificial tiny waist, ugh), corsets are one of the worst style inventions in the history of fashion. They deformed women’s bodies, made it hard to breathe, and sometimes squeezed the internal organs so much that ladies had actual health problems because of wearing them. Yikes!

Best: Basic white T-shirt

This basic item can be part of any style – mix it with a biker’s outfit, simple jeans, or a classy jacket and it will look good either way! It’s one of those things that you just need to have in your closet no matter what.

Worst: Overalls

Why would anyone want to wear overalls for something other than repairs or working in the garden? This is a real no-no for everyday life.

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